WE ARE- An elevated brand of designer cosmetic & toiletry bags, catering to the forward-thinking yet nostalgic, and the organization obsessed.  Inspired by the old and the new, our bags are classically cool—from reinvented clutches to new-world Japanese origami.  Our punchy fabrics and quirky elements combined with  our innovative silhouettes are here to stay.
WE ARE DIFFERENT BECAUSE- Most people buy low quality cosmetic bags because they haven’t been offered anything better.  Our bags are different.  Our pieces are handmade with intention and purpose to explore each person’s organizational needs.
WE'RE HERE TO- To redefine cosmetic organization.  To blur the lines between beauty and fashion.



The Henry Charles name was born from one part tradition and one part modernism.   Allow me to share our story.

My late Grandfather, Charles was one of the kindest people I knew.  Treating others with dignity and respect was his way of life, and I always felt happy in his presence.  However, the most descriptive word that comes to mind in his remembrance is classy.  He chose to live his life to a certain standard—a threshold which could not be broken.

I also knew I wanted a masculine name for the brand, and I loved the English roots of my Grandfather’s name paired with the name Henry, it was love at first sight.  Henry originates from the meaning ruler or king, which embodies us perfectly.

Women can certainly be rulers or kings in their own right, without apologizing or asking permission.  We can do this without trying to be hard-nosed or unnatural, or trying to insert ourselves forcefully into a man’s world.  We don’t have to limit ourselves to traditional labels commonly bestowed upon women only.  We can be ourselves, dress for ourselves and showcase personality through the pieces we collect—which are classically cool and not decorated with frills and ruffles.

Why the masculine name?  It’s simple.  We are celebrating equal parts masculinity and femininity, and blurring the lines of gender on very commonly associated feminine items: beauty accessories.

Playing with androgyny and the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine, hard and soft are underlying tones that are carried throughout the Henry Charles collection—a mainstay in our brand and tattooed in our DNA.  Not only in our handwriting, but in a way of thinking—androgyny is our lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy our bags as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Much Love,


Candice Capps-Tate

Founder  |  Designer

We think you deserve it.

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